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Cooking and life in general got a whole lot easier with the introduction of Immersion hand blenders. The hassle associated with blending, grinding and blitzing of ingredients while making your favorite meals is at its barest minimum. A Hand Blender allows you to be able to perform tasks quicker, faster and with more ease. The Immersion Blender comes in different amazing brands and with diverse functions aimed at making cooking easier. They have been in the market for a long time and have established themselves as a top brand. With all these range of products it can be confusing to pick which is the best Immersion blender out there. Their technological improvements has made them the brand to beat, putting them far above the rest in this highly competitive market. They set the pace and hold the ace in the blending market. The best hand blender in the market is one that characterized with some properties which make it stand out with others. These properties will be discussed in a later part of this article. Since there are too many hand held blenders available out there, it’s never easy to find the perfect match for your needs that’s why we have compiled a list of 10 top Immersion hand blender reviews that can helps you in most of your daily life tasks.

Immersion Hand Blender Comparison Table

NameMaterial TypeWeightColorDimensions
OXA Powerful 4-in-1 Hand BlenderPlastic2.8 poundsBlack5.12 x 9.06 x 9.84 in
Cuisinart Smart Hand BlenderStainless Steel 2.1 poundsSilver/Black14 x 2.16 x 2.6 in
Waring Quick Stick Immersion BlenderStainless Steel2.2 poundsBlack/Silver12.8 x 3.6 x 3.6 in
All-Clad Immersion BlenderStainless Steel 2 poundsStainless Steel 3 x 17.25 x 3 in
Bamix Pro Immersion Hand BlenderPlastic2.1 poundsWhite2.5 x 2.5 x 13.5 in
DeLonghi America Hand BlenderStainless Steel2 poundsBlack2.68 x 2.68 x 16.14 in
Bamix Professional Series BlenderPlastic2.2 poundsWhite2.5 x 2.5 x 15.5 in
Bamix Blender with Food ProcessorPlastic2.1 poundsBlack2.5 x 2.5 x 13.5 in
Waring Heavy-Duty Immersion Blenderstainless steel + plastic8.3 poundsBlack/Silver5.5 x 5 x 27 in
Waring Commercial Hand Blenderdie-cast metal + plastic6.4 poundsBlack12.8 x 8.2 x 5 in

There is no doubt that there are dozens of immersion hand blenders and finding the best one for your kitchen can be a big challenge. Every type has its own pros and cons with different price tags. Immersion hand blenders are typically lightweight, quiet, and easy to operate. Their most likable features are the size and convenience.

In this section, we have rounded a number of ideas and comparison to help you buy the top rated Immersion Hand Blender.

Features to Look Out In Best Immersion Hand Blenders

Having made the decision to shop for an Immersion Blender and mastered some basics, you can consider other improved features and functions that you would like it to have. Before making a decision, think of what you’ll be using it for. Will you need it to make smoothie, sauces, or soaps? Would you like the one that allows you to chop ice? Your choice will determine what accessories most matter to you and enable you to buy the perfect Immersion Blender.

Here are some unique features you might want to consider.

Grip and Blade

A firm grip is an important feature to consider especially for safety.

For instance, before buying your blender, make sure that you won’t suffer the risk of slippery grip due to steam especially when blending soups. Remember, you want a good appliance that will not slip out of your hand and feel comfortable.

Similarly, good blade housing will be a critical factor when choosing your blender. Well-designed blade housing draws in a balanced stream of the product without overloading the functioning of the blender. This will allow you to chop all the ingredients that pass through the blade and you won’t experience any jam up in the housing. You may also check for placement of power buttons and overall weight for blending sessions that may take more time.


Speed is critical in the success of an immersion blender.  Some units may offer appealing 15-speed settings, but we have also found that under normal circumstances, you just need to use only 2 to 3 settings. It won’t hurt to have more speeds on your blender, which should be a key factor when shopping for a blender. You may also want to check for effective speed controls to reduce strong speeds.


Immersion blenders come with additional attachment tools that can be used to serve as a very powerful whisk or a small food processor. When buying a new immersion hand blender, it is important to know all the attachments, if any, which may be included in the item and how they can be of help to you. You may find mincers or mini choppers which are popular attachments that enable the hand blender to chop spices and other foods.

Cleaning and maintenance

Having checked all other features, it’s important to consider how easy it will be to clean and maintain your blender. Using a lot of water while blending can help to remove chunks of food and liquids in tight areas.

Cleaning is simple, just like other kitchen appliances. Just unplug the unit and soak all attachments in water. Use a long handled brush to clean sharp blades. Also, don’t dip the motor house directly into the water, simply wipe clean.

Don’t forget to read the specific cleaning instructions that are included in the immersion blender.

Price comparison

The higher the speeds and function a blender has, the higher the price. So, first ensure you identify the type of blender you want, and then look for favorable features that suit what you need. Also, look at the pros and cons of each brand to be able to settle for the best hand blender with an affordable price.


Immersion Hand Blender Reviews

OXA Powerful 4-in-1 Hand Blender

OXA Powerful 4-in-1 Hand BlenderThe OXA 4 in 1 hand blender is magnificent appliance designed to deliver superb performance. It is an incredible appliance that is powered by a 300-watt motor. If you are in the market for a blender to help you whisk, whiz, blend, or chop with ease, look no further. This is an excellent choice that features an impressive array of attachments. Additionally, all its detachable parts are dishwasher safer which means cleaning the blender is a breeze.

The hand blender has two speeds plus turbo speed setting. In addition, the device comes with an incredible set of accessories which include: whisk attachment, 500ml processor bowl, and a splash guard. Its blade mechanism is made of a high-quality stainless steel blade. The blade enables the blender to process liquids to sumptuously smooth consistency. Another feature worth mentioning is the rubberized handle which provides excellent grip.


  • Detachable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Durable stainless steel blade
  • Blends liquid with ease
  • Features a splash guard to prevent spillage
  • Rubberized handle


  • Not ideal for big families
  • Noisy

Cuisinart Smart Stick Stainless Steel Hand Blender with Whisk

Cuisinart Smart Stick Stainless Steel Hand Blender with WhiskCuisinart is a reputable brand renowned for the manufacture of superb kitchen appliances. One of its incredible product is the Cuisinart HB 155PC. This is one of the best immersion blenders on the market. It is a smart stick hand blender that is powered by a 200W motor housed in polished stainless steel body. In addition, the blender has a variable speed control ranging from low to high. Its ease of use is excellent thanks to the speed knob found on the top.

Additionally, this smart appliance comes with 16oz whisk and blend attachment. There is also a measuring or mixing beaker that is made of 100% BPA free materials. Besides, its design makes it easy to blend or whisk in pitchers, pots, bowls, or blending cups. Its handle is innovatively designed for comfortable grip. If you are in the market for a reasonably priced yet powerful appliance, look no further.


  • Variable speed control
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Powerful motor
  • Comes with BPA free accessories


  • Questions about its durability

Waring Light-Duty Quick Stick Immersion Blender

Waring Light-Duty Quick Stick Immersion BlenderThis an Innovatively designed commercial grade immersion blender. The appliance offers the easiest and quickest way to mix batter, puree fruits, whip eggs, or perform other kitchen operations. It’s the perfect solution for small kitchens and is good processing up to 3 gallons of sauces, soups, purees, and more.

The blender is powered by a 100W motor and has a 7” fixed shaft. The shaft enables this standard duty immersion blender to process food in shallow pots, pans, or bowls with ease. In addition, it features a superbly designed all-purpose 1.5” stainless steel blade. The blade works in unison with the motor to process any ingredients with ease.

Additionally, the blender has 2 speeds that provide unparalleled blending flexibility. This allows you to start slow and speed up once the ingredients are perfectly combined. Overall, the product is lightweight thanks to its ergonomic construction that makes all operations simple, comfortable, and smooth.


  • High-efficiency motor
  • High-quality stainless steel blade
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Motor is not powerful

All-Clad Stainless Steel Immersion Blender

All-Clad Stainless Steel Immersion BlenderThe All-Clad KZ750D is one of the best hand blenders on the modern market. This is a high-performance blender that is operated by a powerful 600W motor. Whether it’s making baby food, blending smoothies, mixing batter, chopping nuts, whipping up fresh mayo, and more, this blender will help you achieve the desired results with ease. It makes all food preparation tasks a breeze.

In addition, this hand blender puts you in complete control thanks to the variable speed control dial. The dial features a power and turbo control settings plus a pulse control for increased convenience. It also features a 9.25” inch stainless steel shaft which makes it easy to reach deep into bowls, pitcher, and pots. What’s more; the blender has a wide blade guard which ensure the blades are readily available. Besides, the large blending head prevents splatter even when the blender is working at optimal speed.


  • Powerful motor
  • Large blending head
  • Reasonably priced
  • Has a variable speed control dial


  • Its construction is not highly durable

Bamix Pro Immersion Hand Blender with Wall Bracket

The Bamix Pro1 M150 is a professional blender series that is handbuilt in Switzerland. This immersion blender comes with three stainless steel interchangeable blades. The blade includes: a blending blade, aerating blade, and an expertly designed chopping blade that enable the appliance to handle all professional cooking projects.

The blender is run by a powerful 150AC motor that is capable of working through any load with ease. The motor is energy efficient, and it supplies sufficient power without consuming many watts. It’s also perfectly balanced to deliver a quiet operation and reduce vibration.

It easy to operate this high-quality immersion blender. Its push-button control allows you to set the appliance in a continuous operation or pulse setting. Besides, you can select either of its speeds; the low 9000RPM or the high 12000 RPM. Its ergonomic handle accords optimal comfort and aids its operation.


  • Incredible open head design
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Durability
  • Its energy efficient
  • Quiet operation


  • Not the easiest to clean

DeLonghi America Hand Blender Black

The Delonghi America is a revolutionary hand blender designed for unlimited versatility. The blender utilizes the latest active blade technology for ultimate power. The breakthrough technology make use of the flexible shaft to move the blades up and down.  The movement turns the toughest ingredients to deliver smooth and flavorful results.

In addition, this hand blender impresses with its advanced splash control technology. It prevents any splashing to deliver desirable results without messing your kitchen. The blender requires limited suction which translates to effortless handling and ease of control. The smart speed control technology allows you to intuitively change the blending power while the machine is operating.

The patented power bell plus comes with an additional milling blade. This, coupled with the powerful 700W motor allows the blender to produce more slices per turn. It also makes the blending of hard ingredients and large places easy.

The easy click plus system enhances the versatility of this appliance. It enables you to easily change the attachments as you prepare. This gives you multiple options to chop, blend, whisk, crush, mash, and puree


  • Advanced splash control technology
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Requires less suction
  • Has a flexible shaft

Bamix Professional Series Immersion Hand Blender

The Bamix Pro2 G200 is one of the best immersion blender that delivers precise performance. The blender has a 3 stainless steel interchangeable blades including a blending blade, aerating blade, and a chopping blade. The blades promote versatility and allow the blender to handle limited kitchen task. The aerating blade is expertly angled to deliver optimum performance in whipping and beating liquids. Besides, the mixing blade purees emulsifies or mixes creamy mixtures with ease.

Its powerful 200W AC motor enables the blender to maintain constant speed in all operations. It’s also highly energy efficient and capable of delivering incredible power without inflating your power bills. The motor is also precisely balanced to reduce vibration and deliver quiet operation.

The blender is acclaimed for its ease of operation thanks to the push button control. It has two speeds which include a low 14000RPM and the high 17000 RPM. Its 7.4-inch shaft is made of chrome coated brass and is durable.


  • Quiet operation
  • Its energy efficient
  • Its versatile
  • Built to be durable


  • Spills ingredients

Waring Heavy-Duty Big Stix Immersion Blender

The Waring WSB50 is a heavy duty immersion blender that performs superbly. The blender works through the toughest ingredients to produce flavorful and healthy sauces, beverages, and soups. This appliance features a 1 horsepower speed motor capable of powering the blender to up to 18000RPM. This one of the best hand blender that features a continuous on an operation that supports a reliable hand’s free operation.

It easy to operate this blender thanks to the comfort handle that features a rubberized grip. Besides, there is a second handle designed to enhance safety and improve control. Whether its light mixing, emulsifying, or pureeing, the appliance provides complete control and consistency.

Additionally, the hand blender has a 12-inch stainless steel shaft. The shaft is completely sealed to enhance its durability. Besides, the shaft is easily removable and can be interchanged using the universal motor. This shaft is also dishwasher safe hence cleaning it is easy.


  • Rubberized comfort grip
  • Removable, dishwasher safe shaft
  • Variable speed motor
  • Has a continuous on function.


  • Concern about its durability

Bamix Swissline Immersion Hand Blender with Food Processor, Jug and Table Stand

The Bamix Swissline M150 is a reliable appliance that delivers super performance in multiple food prep operations. Like most of the other Bamix hand blender, the Swissline features three blades, blending, aerating, and chopping blade. This makes it versatile enough to make sorbet from frozen fruit, purees, smoothies, and even cream from nonfat milk.

It’s regarded as an elite hand blender thanks to its strong starting torque and versatility. Its powerful 150W AC motor is capable of maintaining a constant speed even under heavy loads. Also, its open head design generates a perfect vortex that draws food into the blades. This enables the quick creation of flavorful and smooth results.

The blender is controlled via a push-button system. The system makes it easy to switch between the two speeds; low 9000RPM and high 12000RPM. In addition to the PA6 safety rated nylon, the blender’s body is completely sealed to allow the blender to be submerged below the speed control.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Has quiet operation
  • Durable
  • Its versatile

Waring Commercial Power Pack Hand Blender

The Waring WSBPP is an incredible power pack that is designed for use with the Big Stik Heavy duty blenders. It’s specifically designed for use with WSB55, WSB25X, WSB70, WSB60, and WSBPPW. When the power pack is attached to the whisk attachment, it replaces the worn out or the broken ones. This makes it easy to power through even the thickest ingredients to produce batter, sauces, and soups quickly.

This is a universal pack works perfectly with all whisk attachments and shafts. Because of its versatility, the pack can be changed out for different uses and applications. The power pack is made of die-cast metal and plastic material that enhance its durability. It comes with user replaceable couplings that enhance its usability. The power pack is simply an efficient workhorse.It delivers the desired result with unprecedented ease.


  • Comes with user replaceable couplings
  • Compatible with all whisk attachments and shafts
  • Made of durable material
  • Ease of operation


If you’ve not tried the new experience of ease to use and convenience of an immersion blender, then you need to check out this review. Review the strength of each blender to choose the best Immersion blender that suits what you need. In addition, check out all the available attachments. Some units come with chopping bowls, smoothie glasses, and high-powered whisks that may be useful for your kitchen.

Once you’ve mastered these buying tips, you’re ready to make your purchase and enjoy making blended soups, smoothies, and delicious smoothies.

If you enjoyed this guide, let us know in the comment box with some your best picks.

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