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Blender: Do’s and Don’ts

Most households cannot imagine a life without blenders. Are you one of them? It has become a necessity of modern kitchens nowadays since it opens the door to so many meal possibilities and new cooking ideas. From fruity milkshakes and smoothies to mouth watering ...Read More

Different Kinds of Blenders

Blenders are becoming increasingly popular today because of their ease of use, easy cleaning and their utility in so many of our kitchen tasks. Many blender manufacturers are competing in the market with newest technologies and improved functionalities of their products. Many different types ...Read More

How to clean your Blender

Blenders are very handy tools that provide their utility in so many of your kitchen tasks; smoothies, milkshakes, sauces, soups, nut butter, whipped cream and so much more!  What’s more? These convenient tools are extremely easy to clean provided that you follow the correct ...Read More